Visual Arts Lesson Plans

Are you in need of some visual arts lesson plans? Here is a FREE, extensive K-12 curriculum that you can download right now.

visual arts lesson plan

Do you need art lessons? 

As art teachers, it can be a challenge to constantly be coming up with new visual art lesson plans for our students.

Many of us teach multiple grade levels and see hundreds or even thousands of art students every quarter!

But don’t worry, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. The School of Atelier Arts is here to help.

Because no matter what grade you teach, these free visual arts lesson plans include many lessons that you can incorporate seamlessly into your classroom curriculum maps.

Additionally, these art lessons focus heavily on realistic drawing and painting skills. They also cover technical aspects such as accurate shape drawing, nuanced value applications, and in-depth color theory.

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One of my favorite lesson series in the entire curriculum is this one.  It helps students discover that every color also has a value.

By making each color lighter and darker, students realize that a color can still be green, but can also be light in value or dark in value.

THEN, the lesson continues by having students use their own value color charts for a color-by-number.

The final result? Students figure out that they can make a box look three-dimensional just by changing the lights and darks of their colors!

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Art Lesson Plan Packets

The best part of these curriculum packets is that they develop one skill and build on it. This happens throughout the lessons at each grade level.

No matter how much (or little!) experience your students may have with art classes, you can scale the difficulty up or down the grade levels based on your students’ needs.

Did I mention that these are entirely digitized and 100% sub-proof lessons with thorough teaching directions for each lesson?

Whatever your visual arts lesson plans needs are, you are bound to find something to love in these extensive curriculum packets. 

Have you taught any lessons from this curriculum? Let us know in the comments below.

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