The Ultimate Art Teacher Gifts That Will Surprise You

Do you have a special art teacher in your life you would like to acknowledge with a thoughtful gift? These art teacher gift suggestions will help you give a gift the art teacher in your life will love.

Sub Lesson Plans

Did you know that if your favorite art teacher is sick, that they are responsible for creating lesson plans for their substitute?

It. Is. The. Worst.

As a teacher, you are already super unwell, and now you have to complete work in the form of creating sub lessons in order to not be at work sick.

And this is why these worksheet bundles are the absolute best gift you can give to the art teacher in your life.

art teacher gift

These ready-to-go, digitized lessons allow your favorite art teacher to stay home and get better when they are sick instead of stressing about coming up with substitute art lessons. With these lesson plan worksheets, the work is already done for them.

These worksheets come with both English and a Spanish directions so that students can have a meaningful art lesson, even if their substitute teacher knows nothing about the subject. They are digitized so the art teacher in your life can easily email them to their administrators without dragging themselves into school.

How often are you able to give the gift of recovery and peace of mind? That’s why these worksheets make the perfect art teacher gift.

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An Unexpected Art Teacher Gift

There is one item in my art teacher arsenal that is indispensable for my daily happiness. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the art teacher in your life, I implore you to give this gift a try.

Oh sure, there are the obvious gifts. The art teacher mug, a paintbrush, or a Bob Ross wig. But if you want to shower your favorite art teacher with true appreciation, there is one gift you should give them.

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What is the perfect art teacher gift?

A crockpot.

Why a Crock Pot?

Hear me out. This isn’t just any crockpot, this is a magic crockpot.

It’s a mini crockpot. It’s so nice and small that it can fit in the typical largish art teacher purse.

It can be filled with frozen food in the morning, plugged in at school, and by lunchtime a nice hot meal is waiting for your art teacher. The key here: your art teacher can have zero planning about what their lunch will be, literally stuff frozen food in their mini crockpot, and still get the joy of a heart-warming meal over their 15 minute lunch break if they get to take it that day.

A hot meal? At school? What crazy is this? Better yet, it doesn’t violate the no-microwave rule many schools now have.

I confess, ever since another art teacher first introduced me to this amazing device I have been a bit of a mini-crockpot evangelical. But that is simply a reflection of how indispensable this one item has become to my art education life.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your art teacher to show your love and appreciation, look no further than the mini-crockpot.

What is the best gift YOU have ever received as an art teacher? Let me know in the comments below!

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