One Day Art Lesson for Substitutes

Easy-peasy Sub-Proof Lessons for 1-100 Days

So, you wake up with a scratch in your throat, and by the time you’ve had your morning coffee you are faced with the typical sick art teacher dilemma…

Do you risk calling in sick knowing that your students will likely experience little-to-no art learning? Or worse, a 90% chance you will come back to glitter jammed into every crevice of your classroom?

Or do you go to school sick, risking spreading infection to your school community and extending your own illness from lack of rest?

Fear not my art education colleagues! These FREE K-12 curriculum packets are here for you, for your subs, and for your sanity. You no longer have to choose between your health and your students’ learning.

In these packets, you fill find

  • 100’s of lessons
  • Lessons that build on each other, but that can also be done individually in just one day
  • Lessons for all age levels and experience levels
  • 100% digitized lessons for easy remote classroom posting
  • 100% printable lessons for in-person subs

Best of all, these plans are 100% sub proof. There are thorough directions with each lesson to assist even the most art-challenged substitute.

Mix and match the lessons that best suit your teaching style and objectives, place in the sub folder, and rest at home easy knowing your students will learn some real art today. And tomorrow. And however long it takes you to recover so that you can return to the classroom your best teaching self.


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