MA Studio Art


An accredited MA Studio Art degree that teaches realistic drawing and painting skills.

• 100% studio-based MA Studio Art degree

• Summers only with no year-round obligations

• Remote & in-person options

• Earn your MA Studio Art degree in under 18 weeks

Do you want to improve your realistic drawing & painting skills while earning your MA in Studio Art?

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MA Studio Art

MA in Studio Art in partnership with Florence Academy of Art

The Master of Arts in Studio Art is a reduced-residency MA accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). The MA program consists of 30 credits of full-time study, is entirely studio-based and is completed over 3 summer sessions.

Students may choose to complete all 3 summer sessions in person, or attend up to 2 out of the 3 summer sessions remotely. For those who study remotely, the required in-person session during the third summer takes place at the academy’s campus in Florence, Italy.

The MA program, with an emphasis on classical methods, provides training in drawing and painting to those seeking how to make realistic artwork. MA candidates are not expected to come into the program with high levels of technical skill. Instead, the program is designed to provide the knowledge and develop the skill set of candidates from a variety of backgrounds and levels of experience

This Program is Summers-Only.

We know how hard it is to balance teaching full-time AND taking classes. That’s why we designed this program to be only in the summers with limited year-round obligations.

There are Remote & In-Person Options

We realize that not everyone can get up and leave their homes and families every summer, which is why we offer a remote option for MA Candidates. Our in-person campuses are in Jersey City, NJ (just a stone’s throw from bustling NYC) and in Florence, Italy (THE city for studying classical art). These locations bring art teachers into the heart of major cultural centers for their studies.

This MA is 100% Studio-Based

We believe art students should be able to make art. That’s why we accredited this program on a studio basis. Don’t get stuck writing paper after paper when you could be growing your skills as an artist. We take artists and art teachers at all levels and give them the training they need to draw and paint anything they want.

Listen to what art teachers have to say about the coursework:

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