It’s OK to Be Afraid of Atelier Training

Are you afraid you might not be good enough to start atelier training? You’re not alone.

Atelier Training Can Be Intimidating

I constantly field questions from people who have always dreamed of drawing and painting realistically, but are intimidated by the thought of actually going to an atelier.

For some reason, people seem to think they need to be really good already in order to start atelier training. This is simply not the case! The entire point of atelier training is to learn the skills, not to have them already.

The only thing you need in abundance to start atelier training is an intense desire to work realistically at the highest levels.

When visiting an atelier for the first time, it can often be intimidating for potential attendees to see the beautiful work being created by students in their 3rd or 4th year of training and feel like they could never do that. But, it is important to understand that you, too, can draw and paint at that level if you put in the same effort.

The people who succeed at atelier training are the ones with the ability to sit in front of the easel every day and work. That’s it. There is no magic to it.

Yes, Atelier Training Is for YOU

Recently, I had two different art teachers that I’ve worked with before wonder if they could handle the new Master’s Degree program that teaches atelier skills to art teachers. I was astonished! They had both done made huge technical jumps in my workshop only a few months prior and they were STILL intimidated by entering the MA program.

So, let me restate what I told them: Of course you can learn this. Anyone can learn this. It is simply a matter of if they want it enough to put in the work.

I am happy to report they are now both attending the MA Program to pursue their dreams and enhance their abilities to teach technical skills in their classrooms.

“If you think

you could never

draw and paint

at an atelier level,

you are wrong.”

If you think you could never draw and paint at an atelier level, you are wrong. Atelier training is an intensive training journey that takes you from your current skill level, and leads you to advanced technical abilities. Your job is to simply take the first step. Come as you are.

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