How to Draw

How to Draw: You Need Atelier Training

What are Ateliers?

​Ateliers are specialty art schools that train students in realism drawing and painting skills. Essentially, they teach you how to draw and how to paint anything your heart desires by sharing everything you need to know about the craft of making art.

Learning how to draw is the same as learning every other skill. There is no magic to it. But if you want to learn how to draw at a high level, you need to train with someone who has the skills you are looking for and devote time and effort to learning it. You can find people with high levels of drawing training willing to teach you how to draw in places called “ateliers.”

Below, you can see an example of my drawing of a plaster cast before attending an atelier and after attending an atelier. Ateliers are VERY good at teaching you technical drawing and painting skills, and attending one is the best way to efficiently master the art of realistic drawing and painting.