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High School Drawing Lesson Plans

Mandy Theis

Monday, 15 March 2021

These drawing lessons are sure to be a hit with your high school students.


This slide art lesson plan helps high school students discover how to create shiny effects with pencil. It takes them through the process of drawing a spoon from observation by starting from the biggest ideas and refining the shape. It then leads students through the value scale to help demonstrate how shiny effects can be created by manipulating light and dark values and placing them next to each other. By the end of this lesson, students will create a realistic drawing of a spoon from observation that is shaded.

Download Shiny! Art Lesson Plan

Keying Values

This slide art lesson plan teaches students how to use the value scale to their advantage by planning out their values before ever placing pencil to paper. By identifying the brightest brights and darkest darks first, and then creating a value map, students will discover how to use the entire range of values to create beautiful effects in their drawings. By the end of this art lesson plan, students will create a self-portrait using a full range of values that are keyed correctly to each other.

Download Keying Values Art Lesson Plan

Smart Value Scale

Do you ever have students create a very nice value scale, and then proceed to use only one grey value to shade their entire drawing? If so, this slide art lesson plan is for you!

Throughout the lesson, students will discover how to create a smart value scale that is quick to create and easy to reference. By simplifying the process of creating value scales, students will discover a system that efficiently creates a reference tool EVERY TIME THEY START A NEW DRAWING. This repetition is infinitely helpful for expanding students’ understanding of values and how to apply the full range of values to their drawings. This art lesson plan is also the perfect compliment to the Keying Values Slide Lesson Plan.

Download Smart Value Scale Art Lesson Plan

Arts and Crafts Pattern

Looking for fun ways to teach your students observation drawing? This art lesson plan not only teaches students how to create observation drawings of natural objects, it then shows students how to take their drawings and turn them into beautiful, seamless patterns. This lesson is a great way to introduce graphic design, surface pattern, and other pattern-based applied arts.

Download Arts and Crafts Art Lesson Plan

Perspective Drawing

Once your class draws boxes in perspective, it is tempting to move on to the next unit. However, if you want to dive deeper into perspective, this art lesson plan takes depth-of-space concepts to the next level. After walking students through the process of drawing a box step-by-step, this art lesson plan then reverses the process. It asks students to look at a small stool, and then discover where the horizon line and vanishing points must be. This lesson takes perspective theory to the realm of practical applications when drawing from life. By the end of this lesson, student will be able to look at objects around them and correctly identify the horizon line and vanishing points from their point of view.

Download Perspective Drawing Art Lesson Plan


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