FREE Art Lesson Plans

It’s not easy designing every art lesson plan from scratch…

That’s why we provide these FREE slide lessons for art teachers.

Artist’s Stick Figure

This art lesson plan helps students understand the basic proportions of the human body in order to create an artist’s stick figure.

Edges Scale

This art lesson plan helps students discover how artists use hard and soft edges in their artworks.

3D Grid Drawing

This art lesson plan shows students introduces Baroque flower painters. Then, it shows students how to make a 3D grid system and use it to create realistic drawings of flowers in the Baroque manner.


This free art lesson plan helps students discover how to control lights and darks in oder to make a drawing look shiny.

Black Artists & Their Influence on Art Education

This art lesson plan explores the history of 3 Black artists and their influence on contemporary art education.

Scaffolded K-12 Art Lessons

These extensive curriculum packets cover skill-based lessons from littles through high school.