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Are you looking for drawing worksheets that will actually teach you useful skills? These worksheet sets might be just what you are looking for.

drawing worksheets

Yay! Portraits Worksheets

Go from terrified to confident with these easy-to-follow worksheets that help you draw believable portraits.

Do you want to create wow-worthy portraits? These worksheets will help you create believable portraits that boost your drawing confidence.


  • Learn portraiture with diverse cultural representation
  • Have a method for succeeding at portrait drawing
  • Improve your drawing abilities so that you can make believable portraits
  • Get wow-worthy work portraits every time you attempt to draw a person
  • Access 50+ worksheets that make learning how to draw portraits easy

I want these portrait worksheets now!

portrait worksheets

Created by SAA Director Mandy Theis

These worksheets are created by SAA Director Mandy Theis. This is what she has to say about them:

“When my students first started asking me to teach them how to draw people, I was intimidated. I didn’t really learn those skills in my own college classes. How was I going to teach them something I didn’t know?

Worse, I saw art teachers all around me posting amazing student portrait drawings. How were they getting their students to make such impressive artwork?

While searching for resources to teach portrait drawing better, I came across something called “atelier (pronounced ah-tel-ee-ay) training”, which is a method for learning how to draw and paint realistically. Atelier training was the answer I was looking for!

After studying full time in ateliers for 5+ years, I made it my mission to share what I learned with my fellow art teachers through the Ateliyay! Curriculum. I want to help art educators like you teach their students amazing drawing skills using methods that have been handed down from artist to artist for centuries.”

Looking for more information? Read Mandy’s article on how to teach portraits.

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Why These Portrait Drawing Worksheets Work So Well


Our worksheets start off with super easy and accessible concepts to build student confidence when drawing portraits.


Our worksheets help you to avoid student overwhelm by teaching just one simple drawing concept at a time and then scaffolding the different skills.

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What’s Included?

Yay! Portraits is a collection of more than 50 worksheets that teach students an approachable method for drawing portraits.

It’s a digital product that is delivered via a PDF download to your email account. Please note that sometimes school districts block large downloads like our worksheets, so we recommend using a personal email address for purchasing our digital products.

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Yay! People Worksheets

Our Yay! People Worksheets show you exactly how to break down complex drawing concepts, and how to really achieve that wow-factor in drawings of people.

School of Atelier Arts’ proven process for drawing people starts with simple ideas, and helps students build to more complex skills. ANYONE can learn how to draw realistic people by following these worksheets.

I want these people drawing worksheets now!

yay! people Worksheets

Lessons include:

• How to find the biggest shape when drawing people

• How to control proportions when drawing people

• How to identify major anatomical landmarks

• How to use anatomical landmarks to find major relationships on the human figure

• How to correctly identify the gesture of a figure

• How to make drawings of people look real

• How to follow a drawing process to eliminate frustration and confusion

• How to “anchor” feet in a drawing

• How to check work for accuracy

 and much, much more!

I want these worksheets now!

Yay! People Worksheets #2

How Do I Get Yay! People Worksheets?

Yay! People Worksheets is a digital product, and will be delivered electronically to your inbox. This is not a physical product.

Some school district internet networks and email addresses don’t know how important our resources are to art teachers and block large downloads. If you have difficulty downloading your product for any reason, please reach out to help@schoolofatelierarts.com for assistance.

Like all of our resources, we offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee. If you don’t LOVE your worksheets, simply write to help@schoolofatelierarts.com within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Get your worksheets today, and watch your ability to draw grow exponentially.

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