Color Theory Lesson Plans

Teaching color theory lesson plans can be lots of fun with the right curriculum resources. But sometimes there is so much contradictory information out there, it’s hard to give your students consistent content. These 3 color theory lessons will help your students learn color theory in a cohesive way.

color theory lesson plans

Lesson #1: What is Chroma?

In this video color theory lesson plan, students will discover what chroma means and how it applies to different colors. If they have ever tried to mix a red before, but it just wasn’t the right red, this video lesson will help them discover what went wrong.

Students will also learn about the opposite of chroma, neutral. By discovering what a neutral is and how it is used, it will expand students’ ability to apply nuanced color theory in their own artworks.

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Lesson #2 The Conflict Between Value and Chroma

Now that students know all about chroma from Color Theory Lesson Plan #1, they can start to evaluate how it comes into play when painting objects that are both very bright and very chromatic. There is an inherent conflict between the two, and this color theory lesson helps students navigate making difficult color choices when painting.

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Lesson #3 Color Temperature & Hue

This color theory lesson plan helps students discover how the words “warm” and “cool” are used to describe different temperatures when it comes to colors. Did you know that EVERY color is both warm AND cool? This is just one of many key takeaways they will get from this video lesson.

There is so much to learn about color, it is impossible to sum up in just a handful of color theory lesson plans.

However, the School of Atelier Arts has tons of resources to help you learn and teach art at the highest levels. Check out our lesson plans in our store for even more great content.

What color concepts do your students struggle with learning? Let me know in the comments below.

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