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You asked, we listened. We will soon be launching our Ateliyay! Curriculum for K-12 Students! If you always wanted to teach realism skills to your students but weren’t quite sure how, this curriculum is for you.

Presented in our much-appreciated slide format with extensive teaching guides, these curriculum units will help you level up your teaching game and get wow-worthy work from your art students.

Our first comprehensive Ateliyay! Curriculum unit, Yay! Portraits, is coming soon…

Do your students DREAD portraits? Fear not, we are here to help make portraiture easy-to-learn and fun for students who will be amazed at their own artistic growth as they complete the lessons.

Yay! Portraits will include a comprehensive teaching guide and lesson plans for helping your students learn how to draw realistic portraits (even if portraits aren’t your own personal art teacher jam).

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Sandra K.,

“Thank you for these… lessons, they were great and informative.”

Luke M.,

“My name is Luke [M] and I am a high school art teacher from Southern, CA. I wanted to express my gratitude for the work this organization has been doing…I’ve been looking through the free lesson plans provided on your site, and I’m blown away at their quality.”

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