Ateliyay! Curriculum



Do your students want to know how to make realistic artwork, but you aren’t quite sure how to help them? These resources teach scaffolded skills for learning realism. They start with super easy wins to build confidence, and progress towards more complex skills that help students make wow-worthy artwork.


Diverse & Inclusive

These resources are reviewed by a an ED&I specialist to make sure they are providing an inclusive experience for learners from all backgrounds. Examples include a diverse range of subjects to ensure students of all backgrounds can relate to the content.


Spanish Translations

Are you exhausted by using a free translation service only to discover your ESL students have no idea what the directions are? Us too. That’s why we have our resources professionally translated into Spanish to make sure your ESL learners receive CLEAR directions and have equitable access to learning art in your classroom.


Remote & Sub Friendly

Our resources have very clear directions that make them wonderful resources for teaching meaningful art content asynchronously. They also make quality, ready-to-go sub lesson plans. You can rest easy knowing your students are actually learning art on days that you can’t be there.