Art Teacher Quiz

What Kind of Art Teacher Are You? 🎨

Art Teachers are a funny lot. There are organized art teachers and messy ones. Ones that own at least one wig, and those who wouldn't be caught dead dressing up. So what kind of art teacher are you? Answer these 6 questions to find out!

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  1. So, I went to share my “Art teacher type on FB and it didn’t share the result. Took it again, answering all the questions EXACTLY as I did, now I’m a different type. What gives? I like the first one… coloring outside the lines.

    1. Hi Dawn, thanks for the note. As I have received feedback on the quiz I’ve added answers and art teacher types which may have affected your outcomes. I encourage you to try it one more time now that it is fine-tuned. Thanks for participating in our quiz! I hope it was fun for you 🙂

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