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Art Podcasts

Are you a fan of audio learning and searching for some new great art podcasts? You’re in luck – here is a collection of art podcasts from a wide range of content creators.

Art School Live

Although technically more of a free online class/video format, this show makes for great listening if you are wanting to learn more about art. The host, Eric Rhoads, is a prolific content producer and creates fantastic art podcasts. Here are several episodes of Art School Live that feature School of Atelier Arts Director Mandy Theis.

Never Use White in Paintings with Mandy Theis

In this art podcast, you will discover why there is no such thing as white. Guest Mandy Theis will take you through a process for figuring out how to detect which color your white actually is, and how to use whites well in your painting process.

How to Paint Like a Master with Mandy Theis

Learn how to create a small study of a master painting in this art podcast with Mandy Theis. Mandy will teach you how to find the big ideas of a painting, and how to create an effective study.

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Conspiracy Clearinghouse

This art-themed podcast goes into the shadowy subject CIA involvement in the visual arts during the cold war. It is a well-researched podcast with cited sources. And, it is a highly entertaining episode that features atelier-trained painter and educator Mandy Theis.

EPISODE 107 | Traces of Reality: Abstract Art and the CIA (World Is Weird 13)

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Rebel Rebel Podcast

This a fabulous art podcast hosted by Michael Dargie. The tagline for the podcast is “Think Audaciously. Act Courageously.” In this episode, Michael interviews School of Atelier Arts Director Mandy Theis about atelier-style art education.

This art podcast episode is a delightful romp through arteducationland and covers some of the history of art education, and why learning how to draw and paint realistically requires finding the right teachers.

Rebel Rebel Podcast: Creators of the Lost Art

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The Light Inside Podcast

This is a neuroscience podcast that looks at mental health through many different lenses, including art. In this art podcast episode, discover how to use your art thinking to actually change what and how you see the world.

The Illusion of Reality: How Art Shapes Our View of the World

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