Art Class Lesson Plan

Need an easy-peasy art class lesson plan that works for most ages? Look no further.

This free, easy-to-follow slide presentation teaches students how to create an Artist’s Stick Figure. If you have students who claim “I can’t even draw a stick figure!” then this lesson plan is perfect for you.

Because this art lesson doesn’t just teach how to draw a stick figure, it teaches how to draw an Artist’s Stick Figure.

The first step to upgrading your students’ stick figures is understanding the basic proportions of what an actual human being looks like. This presentation helps students learn some of the most basic proportions of the three major body masses. They will discover how to make each part the right size, and just as importantly, how to make sure they are the right size in relationship to each other.


Next, this lesson helps students discover how to use two lines for arms and legs instead of just one, so that they can articulate their figures. This is a very exciting “Aha!” moment for many students, and gives them the freedom to start posing their stick figures with more dynamic gestures.

Finally, students are lead through an exercise that helps them create more interesting poses with their Artist’s Stick Figure by starting with a random gestural line. This random scribble becomes the inspiration for creating a stick figure that follows along with it. It is great fun to see what poses students come up with in this exercise!

By learning how to draw an Artist’s Stick Figure, students gain confidence with drawing figures. The ability to knowledgeably control poses with a stick figure that has believable proportions is a game-changer for many students who are terrified of drawing people.

Hopefully, this art class lesson plan helps you to bring your students one step closer to creating the art that is in their heads and hearts. What are you waiting for? Download this free art class lesson plan today and dispel your students’ fear of the figure once and for all!

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