3 Ways to Start Your Atelier Art Training Right Now

So, you finally found this type of art school you were looking for your entire life but didn’t even know existed. It’s called an Atelier. And if you study hard for a few years, you can learn how to paint and draw like the Old Masters. Just like your heart always desired.

If you are half as excited as I was when I first made this discovery, I know that you just can’t wait to start training.  Here are 3 ways to start your atelier art training RIGHT NOW.


The very first project you will be asked to complete in many ateliers is called a Bargue Plate. This is basically a mastercopy of another artist’s work. By copying these plates, you learn significant drawing techniques.

However, it is important that you copy them correctly in order to get the most learning out of the experience. That’s why I made this free online Bargue Plate Drawing Course.

This course covers everything you need to know in order to draw a Bargue Plate using atelier skills. Everything from what materials to use to which line to draw first is covered in-depth.

This course is a great place to start your atelier training. And best of all, you can start right this very minute.

Here is a complete list of materials for drawing a Bargue Plate.


You may already be aware of our blog (hint: you’re reading it right now), but did you know we also provide free lesson plans? Although these lessons were originally designed to help art teachers share knowledge in their classrooms, they can be used by anyone desiring to expand their realistic drawing and painting skillset.

Lesson plans include how to create a “block-in” (the first and most important stage of a drawing) and cover other significant atelier topics including proportion, values, shapes, and more!

If you just can’t wait to start learning atelier skills, simply download our thorough slide presentations and following along.


If you are truly serious about pursuing atelier training, you need to train with a master artist for an extensive period of time. That’s why we created and accredited a Master’s Degree program in Studio Arts.

This MA program provides atelier training to students over the course of 3 summers in 6-week intensive classes. There are both online and in-person options. Best of all, you get to spend a summer in Florence, Italy studying amongst the artwork of the Old Masters!

Although this program runs in the summers, you can apply for it RIGHT NOW.

Want to learn more about the Master’s Degree? Check out 3 Things You Need to Know about our Masters in Studio Arts Program and 5 Reasons Every Art Teacher Needs a Masters in Studio Arts


Sometimes students are intimidated to take their first tentative steps into atelier training. But I know that all students can experience wild success who put in the time and effort to learn these skills. There is no reason to delay your atelier journey. Initiate your training today with these quick-start options and enjoy the process of becoming a technically-skilled artist.

Have you taken the first step in pursuit of atelier training? Let me know in the comments below.

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