3 Unexpected Podcasts for Art Teachers

There are obvious podcasts for art teachers, and then there are the hidden gem that you might have missed. Here are 3 unexpected art teacher podcasts that we think you should definitely know about.

Art Ed Radio

This podcast produced by The Art of Education has great resources and is very well-researched an run. School of Atelier Arts Director Mandy Theis was recently interviewed on this art teacher podcast to share a little bit about atelier training. You can listen to the episode here: An Introduction to Atelier Training.

Skill-Based Art: A Learning Resource for Art Students & Artist-Teachers™

Brought to you by a high school art teacher from Australia, Emilio brings key art education issues to life with a delightful accent.

Emilio’s interviews are thoughtful and well-planned. He keeps his guests focused on interesting questions and there is less rambling than you find in other more free-form podcasts. Having been interviewed by him myself, I know that he is very well-prepared and sends a pretty intensive questionnaire prior to recording his episodes.

Additionally, his guests are experts in their field. He has a particular focus on atelier training in art classrooms, and his interviewees include some of the most respected artist-teachers in the world. His guests include Daniel Graves, Paul Ingbretson, Catherine Lack, Iliya Mirochnik, and many others.

Emilio is also very thorough with his podcasts, which are known to last hours. So, if you are looking for a deep dive into contemporary art education issues, this is the podcast for you.

Paul Ingbretson Talks About Painting

Paul Ingbretson is an atelier-trained artist and educator that teaches students from his studio in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He studied with the famous R.H. Ives Gammell in Boston who is largely credited with saving atelier training from extinction in the United States.

Paul is a prolific video podcaster that releases a steady stream of videos. He currently has more than 240 video podcasts uploaded to his channel!

If you are new to atelier training, you might get hung up a bit by some of the vocabulary he uses in his video podcasts. However, if you stick with it through a few episodes you will adapt to his way of speaking about technical art concepts.

Paul is an invaluable resource for learning about atelier concepts – and particularly learning about composition and color. I am so grateful he started making these art teacher podcasts to share his knowledge with the rest of us.


The Thriving Artist™ Podcast

thriving artist podcast art teacher

As art teachers, we know that we can’t just teach art – we also need to teach our most eager students how to make a career out of art. This podcast is perfect for helping students learn how to market themselves, their art, and their field.

And if you are like most art teachers I know, it will also help you with your art side hustle.

This podcast covers everything you need to know to sell art in the contemporary marketplace. It will guide you away from easily-avoided mistakes, and towards art marketing strategies that work best. It also covers the ever-changing philosophy and history of selling art.

If you are ready to treat your art like a business or help your students succeed as independent artists, this is the podcast for you.

What art teacher podcasts do you think should be added to this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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