3 Things You Need to Know About Our Master’s in Studio Art Program

An MA Studio Art Program for Art Teachers Seeking Excellence

MA Studio Art

Working in partnership with the prestigious Florence Academy of Art, the School of Atelier Arts recently launched a fully accredited Master’s in Studio Art program that will provide art teachers with the advanced training they need to bolster their instruction and grow their careers.

To that end, here are a few things you should know about the new MA Art program.

An MA Program for Skill and Career Development

Anyone can learn—especially art teachers

There’s a tendency for people to assume that the ability to draw realistically is limited to those few lucky folks born with innate talent, but that’s simply not the case. In reality, with proper atelier-style training, anyone can learn—that means you. Even if you’re an accomplished art teacher, this is an outstanding opportunity to expand your skillset.

Train where it makes sense for YOU

Our MA program spans three summer sessions, two of which can be completed remotely while the third must be performed in-studio at either St. Peter’s University in Jersey City or the academy’s campus in Florence, Italy.  Alternatively, all three sessions can be completed in-person.

Global reach

We strive to provide worldwide access to advanced art training, specifically through our MA art program. This means that participants will have access to a diverse range of art and education philosophies, and the opportunity to build a global network of like-minded cohorts.

Apply to Start MA Studio Art Training Today

Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), our MA Studio Art program will provide you with 30 credits of full-time study.

As one participant described her experience:

“I have always been an artist, but before atelier training I could never really call myself a great teacher. To be able to give my students the knowledge and skills that I have learned in atelier training is the greatest gift that I can give…I cannot express enough how much learning these skills have changed me for the better as an artist and educator.” – MA Student Caitlin Bludgus

Learn more about the School of Atelier Arts and to find out how a Master’s in Studio Art can help build your teaching skills and advance your career.

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  1. This email is long overdue- thank you for your updates and teaching method support. I am interested in the Masters program. I will be in Florence with students next month. Would it be possible to visit the school there?
    Thank you

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