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Monthly Archives: September 2021

On Mastercopies in Art

Is copying bad in art? In my experience within art education communities, there is a deeply held belief that copying anything in art is harmful. It’s true that copying another’s work and passing it off as your own is clearly … Continue reading

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Name Your Shadow Shapes when Drawing

Naming the shapes within your shapes helps you to draw accurately.     Name Those Shapes “Don’t you see? It looks like Minnesota on crack.” This is how I once described a shadow shape to one of my students in … Continue reading

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Why Is Red So Hard to Paint?

Red subjects have a bad reputation for being difficult to paint. But if you take time to identify its attributes, you can easily overcome red’s obstacles. Have you ever tried to Cosplay Sabastian from The Little Mermaid? It’s no easy … Continue reading

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It’s OK to Be Afraid of Atelier Training

Are you afraid you might not be good enough to start atelier training? You’re not alone.     Atelier Training Can Be Intimidating I constantly field questions from people who have always dreamed of drawing and painting realistically, but are … Continue reading

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