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Monthly Archives: June 2021

Gesture & Bad Giraffe Taxedermy

Gesture is an essential skill for artists, and especially taxidermists, to master. 19th century Paris had a giraffe. Not just any giraffe – a beloved giraffe. This giraffe, dubbed “Zarafa”, was adored by the people of Paris. Giraffe wallpapers were … Continue reading

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The Must-Know Secret for Teaching Oil Painting on a Budget

Teaching oil painting with a small budget is possible if you apply this one simple principle. (Please note this article contains affiliate links.) Many art educators avoid teaching oil painting in their classrooms due to expense. It is true that … Continue reading

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3 Unexpected Podcasts for Art Teachers

There are obvious podcasts for art teachers, and then there are the hidden nuggets that you might have missed. Here are 3 podcasts for art teachers that we think you should definitely know about.   Skill-Based Art: A Learning Resource … Continue reading

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Scientific Discoveries in Art

Scientific progress is not always recognized in art, but it plays a significant role in aesthetic developments. The discovery of cadmiums as a use for pigment had an enormous effect on the trajectory of art. Cadmium reds, yellows, oranges, and … Continue reading

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How to Care for a Class Set of Wood Palettes

Discover how to make your wood palettes last years and even get better with age. Please note that this post contains affiliate links. Additionally, our programs for art teachers are supported by generous donations of paint and Gamsol from Gamblin. … Continue reading

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